Digital media capitol hill – Fitness Is Not A Pipe Dream With These Great Tips

April 1, 2018

Are you in good shape but want to get into better shape for a 5K or perhaps a marathon? If so, then consider the pieces of advice in the below article. These tips can help you get into the top-notch shape in order to compete in your particular race.

When looking for another way to improve fitness sometimes one needs to look no further than their pet dog. By taking the dog on walks around the neighborhood or specific trails an individual can increase the amount of exercise they and their pet get. Apart from all the extra exercise and the benefits from that one will strengthen the bond between owner and their pet.

When walking or running, find a good pace. Pushing your limits might be a good idea with some types of exercise. This isn’t the case when it comes to walking or jogging for your health. If you find yourself huffing and straining to breathe, slow down a bit. The goal is to build endurance, not wear yourself out.

If you are looking to get physically fit, try a Zumba class. Zumba is a very popular new class offered in most gyms across the country. It incorporates Latin dance with aerobic moves. Even non-dancers enjoy the movements and everyone who tries it, comes out of the class burning hundreds, if not thousands, of calories and do workout by spinning on the best spin bike.

Lifting weights is not all about the number of pounds you can put up. It is not even about how many repetitions you can do. The most important part of any weight training is to focus on the quality of each repetition. When you are putting the weight up, do so slowly, making sure you can feel the muscle contract, then bring it back down in a slow and controlled manner. This will ensure you get the most out of each repetition.

Learn to properly use exercise equipment. This is important because you want to make sure that you get the most out of the machines and that you aren’t wasting your time by using them improperly. If you have access to the manual, briefly read it before using equipment. If you’re at a gym, a staff member should be available to explain how to use each machine.

Ideally, your workouts should follow the same order every time: first, work with dumbbells, which works smaller muscles. Next, switch to barbells. Finally, move to the free-weight machines. You will have progressively engaged all the muscle groups in your body and are therefore more likely to see results in all sizes of muscles.

If you are unable to exercise due to time constraints or whatever the reason, try to squeeze in at least 20 minutes of either cardio or strength training, two times a week. Research has shown that those who worked out minimally, used less sick days than those who did not exercise at all.

Do not be deterred by the rain if you’re walking or jogging to get some exercise. Unless we’re talking about some serious torrential downpours out there, a little drizzle never hurt anyone. In fact, as it’s falling, the rain will clean the air and allow you to take in more pure oxygen and thus increase your fat-burning efforts.

If you really want to follow through with specific fitness objectives, a good idea to is to prepay a personal trainer in advance prior to starting work with them. By doing this, you will have a higher chance of following through with your workouts. The reason is because you have made a monetary commitment. You are going to want to get what you paid for.

A great fitness tip is to get your ab work done by doing squats. A lot of people think that doing thousands of crunches is the best way to develop abdominal muscles, but there is a better way. Squats work a lot of muscles including your abdominal muscles.

Put your Netflix subscription to good use when you want to find a new workout video. They are a little buried in the menus, but there are lots of workout videos you can try through their streaming service, and most certainly through their Quickster mail service. Once you’ve decided whether or not you like a video you can make and educated selection of what to buy for your library.

Look at your hands. To be able to lift more when working with weights, keep your focus on your dominant hand. Doing this centers the brain, and allows you to lift more than you normally would. This is a great method to use when you are working on increasing your maximum limits, because your body won’t notice it until it’s used to it.

Therefore, if you follow these tips, you will be well on your way to getting into the shape you need to be in for your race. These tips show that you don’t have to be in your teens or twenties in order to compete in a 5K or even a marathon. You just need to put in hard work, and the results will follow.…

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A Shifting Approach to Social Media Metrics

February 9, 2011

CMOs and VPs of Corporate Communications are making increasing investments in social media this year, with US spend projected to reach over $3 billion on social networking sites in 2011. But despite the increasing amount of time and money being allocated to digital marketing, there is still much concern among C-level executives about how to measure the results.

It’s easy to track tactical metrics, like fan count and page views. And in fact, that’s what many leaders rely on given few other options. However, recent research released by eMarketer shows that executives are seeking to shift their approach to digital media metrics. In 2011, the same executives that placed a high value on tracking the number of fans, page views, and posts are seeking to focus more on conversion rates and revenue this year to understand the bottom line impact. If you’re reading this and thinking “Yes, I’d like to focus on conversion and revenue too, but it’s not that simple,” we know how you feel.

To assist management teams in this effort, the EMRC has designed a new consultative offering this year focused on reducing the noise that comes with the above laundry list of metrics, and focusing on minutes of engagement across a company’s digital media presence. Not just on Facebook, not just on your website – across your entire presence. We also layer in industry intelligence so you know where you stand relative to your peers and competition. Engagement moves beyond tactical metrics to understand how your company’s audience is connecting and interacting with your brand online – and engagement is proven to lead to action, whether your goal is revenue generation, brand building loyalty, nurturing advocates, or customer support.

We’re helping Fortune 500 and middle-market companies make the case for their digital activity internally and improve every day. If you’ve found yourself needing to answer to these questions, we’d love to help:…

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Google Social Search- Increasing Search Relevance

February 7, 2011

Earlier this week Google announced the full incorporation of social search into their algorithm, a service it’s identifying as “all the goodness of Google” with “opinions of people you care about.” While this maysound familiar as Google has used social functionality in search since 2009, this newest effort is unique and powerful. Google’s search algorithm has consistently led the way in making results more relevant and predictive of consumer behavior, having incorporated dynamic elements beginning with keyword density in the early days, to linking structure and unique inbound links more recently, and now to the opinions and volume of your friends’ interests.

Prior to this change, Google’s social functionality was isolated within a small area appearing at the bottom of your search results and was considered both insignificant and somewhat controversial, based on the predictive “friend-mining” techniques used to determine your network. The problem with this method was that private and unwanted information was taken from your accounts to push the idea of social search onto users rather than inciting users to come to social search.

Google learned its lesson quickly the first time (see graphic to the right) and has restructured the system to build your network through opting-in by connecting social accounts or updated internal Google account settings. The advantages offered by social search are readily evident through trial or by watching Google’s introductory video, meaning that getting users to opt-in shouldn’t be a problem.

The implications of Social Search is that results are increasingly less impacted by SEO tactics and more relevant to individual users. Social search is a powerful step forward in making quality content accessible to those looking for it and, perhaps more importantly, segmenting quality content by individual user. Organizations that want to take advantage of this functionality should do so by organically improving their engagement online and creating content that is relevant to specific sets of users. Inbound links and site structure are still of fundamental importance to ranking but augmenting your promotion efforts with cross-channel tactics is now more powerful than ever.

As more users connect their social accounts to Google and the online world becomes more like the real one, with friends’ and connections’ opinions carrying more weight than that of strangers, top marketers will have even more success in organically sharing their content and building their brand through the creation of quality, relevant content.…

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Mobile Advertising Spend to Increase in 2011

February 3, 2011

As consumers become increasingly mobile, marketers are finding new and more effective ways to capitalize on the growing mobile advertising market. Based on a new study from the Association of National Advertisers, the mobile marketing vertical is poised to experience tremendous growth in 2011. Last year, 62 percent of polled brand marketers used some form of mobile marketing; however, 2011 could bring exceptional growth to this already growing industry as 88 percent of the same group is intending to utilize mobile in the coming year, a full 26 percent increase year-over-year.


As is often the case with new frontiers of advertising, many of the marketers who plan to use of mobile in 2011 are uncertain of the effectiveness for their organizations. Big brand case studies from companies like Coca-Cola, Target, Starbucks, or McDonald’s are certainly compelling evidence that the medium can work, but only 25 percent who have used the platform claim that their initiatives have been “extremely successful” or “very successful.” Mobile advertising, because of its intricacies in targeting and dealing with constantly evolving technology, may have a steeper learning curve than other digital and social platforms.

Continual innovation in smart phone and mobile targeting technology will continue to drive spending increases in the mobile marketing vertical. Already, of the 75 percent of marketers planning to increase their spending in 2011, the budgeted increase is a substantial 59 percent. An arduous learning curve may deter some marketers from early implementation, but those who are willing to innovate in 2011 will look to increase spending and continue to prove the success of this burgeoning market.…

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