Day: February 9, 2011

A Shifting Approach to Social Media Metrics

February 9, 2011

CMOs and VPs of Corporate Communications are making increasing investments in social media this year, with US spend projected to reach over $3 billion on social networking sites in 2011. But despite the increasing amount of time and money being allocated to digital marketing, there is still much concern among C-level executives about how to measure the results.

It’s easy to track tactical metrics, like fan count and page views. And in fact, that’s what many leaders rely on given few other options. However, recent research released by eMarketer shows that executives are seeking to shift their approach to digital media metrics. In 2011, the same executives that placed a high value on tracking the number of fans, page views, and posts are seeking to focus more on conversion rates and revenue this year to understand the bottom line impact. If you’re reading this and thinking “Yes, I’d like to focus on conversion and revenue too, but it’s not that simple,” we know how you feel.

To assist management teams in this effort, the EMRC has designed a new consultative offering this year focused on reducing the noise that comes with the above laundry list of metrics, and focusing on minutes of engagement across a company’s digital media presence. Not just on Facebook, not just on your website – across your entire presence. We also layer in industry intelligence so you know where you stand relative to your peers and competition. Engagement moves beyond tactical metrics to understand how your company’s audience is connecting and interacting with your brand online – and engagement is proven to lead to action, whether your goal is revenue generation, brand building loyalty, nurturing advocates, or customer support.

We’re helping Fortune 500 and middle-market companies make the case for their digital activity internally and improve every day. If you’ve found yourself needing to answer to these questions, we’d love to help:…

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