The EMRC is led by an innovative team of marketing, communications, technology and business leaders with deep industry knowledge.  The team is focused on providing the Council Members with strategic insights on how best to use emerging media in communication strategies.

Launched in 2010 by longtime Washington DC innovator Doug Bailey and new media entrepreneur Zach Clayton, the EMRC quickly has come a leader in helping organizations improve the way they use all forms of digital media – including social media, Web 2.0 technologies, digital advertising and mobile. Leading Fortune 500 companies, national associations and advisory firms have joined the EMRC for the insight it offers Members.  The EMRC aspires to deliver the value of strategy consulting at the price of a research subscription.  To achieve this, a talented team of marketing and communications experts, technologists, database developers and researchers work in our lab located in the Research Triangle Park area.

Management Team

Zach Clayton

Zach Clayton is a Managing Director of the Emerging Media Research Council. He leads the strategic direction of the EMRC and advises certain clients on digital media strategy.  Zach is deeply engaged in developing quantitative metrics to assess emerging media performance, evaluating emerging media technologies, and analyzing how emerging media can shape communication and marketing initiatives.

Aarti Sura

Aarti Sura is a Managing Director at the Emerging Media Research Council.  Aarti leads the Council’s research of new media trends and best practices on behalf of Fortune 500 companies and associations.  In addition, she works closely with our Members to ensure that the Council’s research agenda is closely aligned with their most current and pressing needs.

Strategic Advisors

Winston Lord

Winston Bao Lord is a Senior Advisor for the Emerging Media Research Council.  Winston works to develop and serve Members and helps direct the work of the research staff.

Jeff Giesea

Jeff Giesea is the Chairman of the Board of Directors and a Senior Advisor at the Emerging Media Research Council.  He guides the strategic direction of the company, supports the management team, and participates in corporate development activities.

John Dwyer

John Dwyer is a Strategic Advisor for the Emerging Media Research Council.