Dec 14, 2010

Digital Media Review: Facebook unveils long awaited messaging update and Hulu sets online ad impression record

by Aarti Sura

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  • Facebook’s long-awaited messaging product was finally unveiled this week.  The platform will combine Facebook messages, chats, instant messages, and text messages into a single thread, separated by friends or groups of friends.
  • If Facebook’s messaging product, which can block messages from outside your friend circle, gains ground against email, the importance of interacting with your constituents on Facebook will increase dramatically as the effectiveness of traditional campaigns may decrease.
  • The third quarter US online ad revenues were reported by the Interactive Ad Bureau today.  Online advertising is showing no signs of stagnation, with revenues hitting $6.4 billion for the quarter, a 17% increase over last year.
  • In the wake of setting the online record for monthly ad impressions, video platform Hulu drops price to just $7.99 per month, looking to take more market share from traditional media.
  • While Hulu continues to provide a popular way for users to watch their favorite television shows online, a recent Nielsen reports that online video isn’t stealing all their market share from cable providers, with 84% of internet TV viewers claiming to watch the same amount of traditional television as before.
  • Based on comments made by CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the Web 2.0 conference this week, Facebook may be “plotting some sort of massive ad network.”
  • A lot of parody already exists among ad markets, with 15 separate networks reaching between 135 and 190 million users in 2009.  Facebook’s golden touch might be a differentiator that could drive up prices.
  • Stumbleupon’s App for Android proves to be incredibly popular, with over 1 million stumbles in its first two weeks driving users to web content and the 100,000 aps on the Android platform.
  • 250,000, or 25%, of the first 1 million stumbles are for applications rather than web content.  This could be just the beginning of services matching users to relevant applications, a service that could rapidly drive volume of app downloads.
  • IBM releases 5-year mission, based on recent advances at UC Santa Barbara and Yale Universities, to turn quantum, super-computing into a usable reality that could exponentially increase the power of computing.

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